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!!!End Of The Year Points Fund!!!

Up Dated:


 Ralph Hester and Thomas Hester, Owners, Operators of Immokalee Regional Raceway with David and Brenda Swallow from Shameless Racing and track sponsors 5 Day Plantation Shutters, Allstar Truck Brokers, Anew Air Heating and Cooling, Inc., Everglades Farm Equipment, Fillmore Machine and Speed, Fusion Coatings a Division of Fusion Metal Works, Kountry Kitchen, McCarty Auto Parts, Mike Thompson Racing Engines, Performance Plumbing / Propane / Site Services, Bryan Epps and BME Photography are pleased to announce the 2022 "End of the Year Points Fund"!!!

 This exciting offer is for the Top Five (5) finishers that have signed up for the series.  Junior Dragster, No Box, Box Eliminator, Quick 16 Door Slammer / Roadster and True Quick are the classes that will offer the end of the year points fund.This has never been offered before in the history of the race track and we are excited about this opportunity, through the graciousness of our sponsors, a guaranteed points fund for the five (5) bracket racing classes!

 In closing, good luck and good racing to everyone and, in closing, from the bottom of our heart, we thank all of you for supporting and racing with Immokalee Regional Raceway!

!!!End Of The Year Points Fund Participants!!!


Junior Dragster End Of The Year Points Fund Participants:
Tyler Biddle, Jackman Branson, Alissa Fargo, Cailyn Fargo, Hank Harding, Nathan Lopez, Dewey Parks, Matthew Pilon. Hailey Shook, Peyton Shook, Jake Sickler, Tyler Vinnaco, Kade Washburn, Cory Wood

Box Eliminator End Of The Year Points Fund Participants:
Jay Adams, Scott Bender, Terrell Biddle, Brian Boose, Victor Burns, Tim Butler,

Wayne Campbell, Claude DeBonis, Steve Dimmig, Steve Dweck, Dave Edwards
Scott Fry, Otis Henry, John Hudson, Bryan Jack, Tim Krone, Austin Logan
Travis Logan, Scott Mackie, RJ Myers, Jim Shaw, Brett Sloat, Mike Stenek
Ken Tarczewski, Glenn Wedekind, Kenneth Wood Jr

No Box End Of The Year Points Fund Participants:
Bob Bjorkman, James Biddle, Tim Brennan, Gage Burch, Tim Butler
Keith Doran, Bryan Gills, Geoff Grafton, David Hamilton, Jeff Jones
Austin Logan, Christopher Lopez, Richard Mortell, RJ Myers, Danny Pilon
Richard Pingol, Kenneth Sadler, Katie Sloat, Mike Snell, Rudy Szialagy Sr,

Craig Thiel, Steve Tiona, Tom Van Tol, Dan Winters

Quick 16 Door Slammer / Roadster End Of The Year Points Fund Participants:
Jay Adams, Frank Beal, Matt Beer, Frank Corvino Jr., Steve Dimmig,

Brian Ferriera, Sr.John Fillmore, Michael Fillmore, Scott Kervern, Jason McCandless,

Rick McDonough, John Taylor

True Quick End Of The Year Points Fund Participants:

Jay Adams, Matt Beer, Tim Butler, Claude DeBonis, Steve Dweck, Dave Edwards, Otis Henry, Bryan Jack, Jim Shaw

Good Luck To All!

Race Report

 The final points bracket racing and quick racing event of the year was held on November 19th, 2022 with the following results.

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Qualify TQ2.jpg
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Congratulations to the 2022 Points bracket and Quick Racing champions:

Junior Dragster: Peyton Shook,

Box Eliminator Champion and No Box Champion: Tim Butler,

True Quick Champion: Claude Debonis,

Quick !6 Door Slammer / Roadster Champion: Jason McCandless.

Congratulations Goes To

Madison Fisher

On Winning The 2020 Summit Super Series Jr. Dragster World Championship!