Race Report

The Immokalee Regional Raceways Annual Winter Warm Up took place November 14th., 15th., 16th., and 17th., 2019 with BIG Money Top Bulb racing taking center stage with some of the best talent in the country competing against each for the the top prize in each day of racing. The first 10 Grand Trifecta race kicked things off on Thursday with an exciting final round, but the party came to an abrupt halt on Friday as a cold front moved through the area and it was mother nature taking the "W".

  BIG Money Racing came roaring back with a vengeance on Saturday with not only one race but two!!, a double header, 2 races 1 day took center stage with the 25 Grander getting things started first, moving through the elimination rounds to another exciting final, racers geared up and went right into Fridays 10 Grand Trifecta make up race, (now after day threes race). Later in the evening as it got colder with the front moving past with 15 cars on the first round of the ladder, racing was halted for the evening which gave everyone had a chance to enjoy a fantastic steak dinner with all the trimmings courtesy of Ralph Hester and Thomas Hester, owners and operators of the race track.

  After a good nights rest, racing picked back up with the finishing rounds of day two's race Sunday morning (day four now), right after the final round concluded, the day four 10 Grand Trifecta race got under way having all the following final round results below: