205 Airpark Blvd. 

Immokalee, FL 34142

 General Track Information 


Friday Night Test and Tune: $20.00 Car and Driver

Shameless Racing Runday Sunday
$20.00 Car and Driver

           Crew / Spectators : $10.00         


                 Kids 12 and under - Free            

Points Bracket Racing

*Racer Entry Fee includes Car and Driver*

  • Jr. Dragster: $30.00 / $15.00 Buy Back

  • Box Eliminator: $75.00 / $40.00 Buy Back

  • No Box Eliminator: $65.00 / $30.00 Buy Back

  • Quick Door Slammer/ Roadster: $100.00

  • True Quick: $100.00

* No Buy Backs In Quick Racing *

* See Points Page for Additional Info *

* True Quick consists of the fastest 16 qualifiers on the property (dragsters, door cars, motorcycles, etc)

          Crew / Spectators : $10.00          

                Kids 12 and under - Free             

  • Special race events: Car and driver, crew and spectator fee's are priced accordingly and/or per the official event flyer. (If an official event flyer is issued and if the prices are shown on the official flyer).          

Bike Class

​$50 tech card with $25 buy-backs each race. With an 80% of purse for payout. You will still be able to enter into the Box / No Box classes if you would like to.            

5.50 - 6.50 - 7.00 INDEX RACING

>> All classes <<

  • $75 Entry car and driver per index class,

  • Re-Entry ($35.), run each other 2nd round,

  • 1st round winners run each other 2nd round,

  • 2nd round Re-Entry winners advance to the 3rd round and run with all other 2nd round winners on a set ladder to the final.

 >> 85% payback ALL classes <<

Florida Gassers Class

​$50 tech card / $20 buy-backs (first round to second only). 80% of purse for payout. You will still be able to enter into the No Box class if you would like to. No delay boxes. Everything allowed in No Box class is allowed in the Florida Gasser class. Vehicles must fit the class ( Pre 1967 Gasser style / nostalgia cars only).      


~ Shameless Racing ~
~ Runday Sunday ~

** Points Bracket Racing **

~ McCarty Auto Parts ~
~ Jr. Dragster ~

~ Fillmore Machine and Speed ~
~ No Box ~

~ Performance Plumbing ~
~ Performance Propane ~
~ Performance Site Services ~
~ Box Eliminator ~

~ SFR Racing, Naples Florida ~
~ True Quick ~

~ Mike Thompson Racing Engines ~ 
~ Gulfside Elevator and Cab Interiors ~
~ Quick 16 Door Car / Roadster  ~

>>> Attention NO BOX Racing Participants <<<

When running in NO BOX, there cannot be a delay box in the car. IF you have a delay box, (such as you race in both box and no box classes) it is MANDATORY that the delay box be REMOVED....NOT zeroed out....NOT turned off....REMOVED. If a participant is found to have a delay box in the vehicle when running in the NO BOX class, that participant will be disqualified. No exceptions.

 General Safety Rules 

  • No glass bottles.


  • Speed limit is 10 mph in the pits and return road. No exceptions.

  • Parking shall be on the grass.

  • All entries going down the track must be in good operating order. No loose or dangling body parts. Hub caps, if so equipped, shall be removed.

  • Entries equipped with air conditioning, must remain off at all times when in the staging lanes, going down the race track and on the return road. No exceptions.

  • Seat belts or a restraint system depending on the ET and speed, must be worn at all times when going down the race track and return road.

  • All entries running 8.59 ET and quicker (1/8 mile) a helmet is required. Please consult the IHRA rule book for exact requirements for the ET and MPH you are running.

  • All entries running 7.49 and quicker (1/8 mile) a roll cage is required. Please consult the IHRA rule book for exact requirements for the ET and MPH you are running as well as the configuration of your vehicle.

  • All entries running 7.49 ET to 6.00 ET (1/8 mile), driver requirements, long pants plus single layer SFI approved jacket. All entries  running 5.99 ET or quicker (and all open body entries, no matter the ET and speed you are running),   5 layer SFI approved protective clothing including jacket, pants, shoes, gloves and neck collar, are required. Please consult the IHRA rule book for your exact requirements for the ET and MPH you are running.

  • For ATV's you need helmet, long pants and a jacket. Gloves are NOT required, but recommended.

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